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History of the Pacman Games Pacman was developed by Namco games and licensed for distribution in the US by Midway, it was first released in 1980 (Japan) and was hugely popular.

Due to its massive popularity it spurred various other Pacman Games such as Ms Pacman, Pacman Plus, Jr. Pacman, Baby Pacman and Professor Pacman. The game has even inspired various platform games based on Pacman - these alternate Pacman games include Pac-Land and the Pacman World series which features Pacman in a 3D world.

Pacman is one of the all time greatest video games and still remains popular 3 decades after its release!

  Pacman Gameplay

The player controls Pacman through the maze and eating dots to earn points. When all the dots are eaten Pacman is taken to the next level. There are four ghosts trying to eat Pacman - these are Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. They roam the maze trying to eat Pacman, if they succeed Pacman looses a life, once Pacman looses all three lives the game is over. Pacman is awarded a single life bonus at 10,000 points by default.

Near the corners of the maze there are power pellets that when eaten give Pacman the temporary ability to eat the Ghosts. Once an enemy is eaten its eyes will return to the ghost pen where it will respawn. The ghosts will flash when Pacman is about to loose his special power.

Bonus items also appear from time to time which when eaten give Pacman some extra points.

Pacmans Enemies - The Ghosts!

The ghosts, as they are referred to in the Pacman Games, all have pre-determined personality and as such their character and movement is pre-determined. The best players of the Pacman games all know each ghosts characters and use this to their advantage.

  • The Red Ghost is called Blinky and he is programmed to chase Pacman meaning he will always head for where Pacman currently is.
  • The Pink Ghost is called Pinky and he is programmed to be the ambusher meaning he will always head a few dots in front of where Pacman currently is
  • The Blue Ghost is Inky and he is programmed to shy - he wont pursue Pacman unless Blinky is around!
  • The Orange Ghost is Clyde and he is programmed to be Stupid - he generally does is on thing and doesn't actively chase Pacman.

Getting the Best Score in the Pacman Games

Getting the best score is referred to in Pacman as a perfect play this happens when the player gets the maximum possible score on the first 255 levels of the game (the game crashes after 255 levels) this is achieved by eating every possible dot, power pellet, fruit and enemy without losing a single life.

As verified by the Twin Galaxies international scoreboard on July 3rd 1999, the first player to achieve this maximum score of 3,333,360 points, was Billy Mitchell from Florida and he did this in about six hours.

Only 6 people have achieved a perfect score and in September 2009 David Race of Ohio became the sixth person. He did it in 3 hours, 41 minutes and 22 seconds which is a record for the fastest time to get a perfect score in the Pacman Game.

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